The Workshop will help you devise or hone your very own visual tools needed to express your own photographic choices and ideas.
Your instructor, Casimir Bart will guide in the process of capturing the beauty and the meaning of this extraordinary region, so the final outcome will be a gallery of shots that provoke emotions and successfully communicate through a complex language of visual imagery.


You will be based in Cortona. We shall take day trips to a variety of field locations - Valdichiana, Val d'Orcia, Crete Senese. Critiques, discussions and digital projector presentations of the daily output will follow the shooting sessions.

The Workshop will give you an opportunity to photograph people and places, monuments, architecture and the breathtaking landscapes – rolling hills, winding roads, lush greenery, colourful fields or clay formations.

At dawn or twilight, we will explore composition, color, contrast, shape and texture in order to catch the magic moment. Light is a prerequisite of a successful photograph, and understanding the nature of light is fundamental to photography.

Landscape shoots will be taken in a variety of locations at the best time of day. Morning sessions may start as early as 6:00 a.m., but the same day will not see you shooting in the evening – there will be time to work and time to relax.


Before a shoot, we shall briefly review the key considerations – the light, the equipment, the set-up. Your instructor will be there to answer your questions and assist you in your task.

Your daily output will be reviewed at the base with the help of a digital/multimedia projector. As the workshop progresses, so will your performance.

Participants will learn from the work of each other and critiques as much as from the instructor’s coaching and teaching."/ten-commandments